Our Business

We are a start up business with one goal in mind, provide high quality web "ad" pages for the lowest possible price. Unlike the larger providers we have a very low overhead and a low burn rate. This is what allows us to offer you lower rates than anyone else.
Our best advertisement is our competition. We actually encourage prospects to look at other options and pricing first.
Our goal is to become the most complete site out there for businesses around southern Minnesota. To do this we believe we need to be the biggest. That is what we're striving for here at MankatoYellowPages.com.In order to build our database and prove the worthiness of the site, we are offering you this promotional ad and hosting special at this incredible rate. Having the most advertisements for surrounding businesses gives the buyer a good source to find what he or she wants in one location. By having a large advertising base, it gives businesses a good place to put in their advertising dollar to work with more hits to their business site. It's a win-win situation. This is what we strive to do at MankatoYellowPages.com. So come and join us in the revolution.
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